SEM 13023 - Low Luster Clear Color Coat Aerosol
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Aerosol Color Coat™ in Low Luster Clear

Color Coat™ is a UV resistant, flexible, durable coating that revitalizes or changes the color of carpet, vinyl, plastic, and velour. Aerosol Color Coat Low Luster Clear (SEM SKU 13023) is sold in aerosol cans for easier use. Color Coat is OEM suggested and offered with 50 different colors and 3 different clear coats. Refinish car interiors and even motorcycle seats by using Aerosol Color Coat. If you want flexibility for revitalizing damaged or faded vehicle exteriors or interiors, choose Color Coat by SEM!

Facts About Aerosol Color Coat in Low Luster Clear

  • Even though Aerosol Color Coat is a coating, as its name suggests, and not a dye, it is not recommended for significantly different color changes.
  • Aerosol Color Coat dries quickly but should not be subject to abrasion or heavy use until twenty-four hours after application.
  • Aerosol Color Coat is made prepped to spray.
  • Vinyls can have excessive amounts of plasticizers. If so, for a smooth surface they require SEM Tac Free.
  • For mixed colors, try our line of SEM Color Coat in a one quart cone top and a one gallon can.

How to Prepare for Aerosol Color Coat in Low Luster Clear

  • To prep for applying Aerosol Color Coat, you will need additional SEM cleansers and adhesion promoters, based on the surface.
  • For cleaning vinyl and plastic, apply SEM Soap and Vinyl Prep or XXX Universal Surface Cleaner.
  • For cleaning carpet and velour, apply an appropriate carpet or upholstery cleanser and SEM Plastic and Leather Prep.
  • For plastics, first identify the kind of plastic. With PVC and ABS plastics apply SEM Sand Free Adhesion Promoter. For EPDM, TPO, PP and other thermoplastics, apply Plastic Adhesion Promoter or XXX Adhesion Promoter.
  • Follow instructions exactly to guarantee quality outcomes.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 in


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