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    10ABasic Windshield Repair Kit$599.95$499.95$499.95
    153Resinator QT Windshield Injector$244.75$189.00$189.00
    159-MVPHDResinator QT & MVP 388 Combo - Windshield Injector/Bridge Pump Assembley$402.73$329.00$329.00
    200Windshield Carbide Drill Assembly$89.95$79.95$79.95
    210210 Drill Bit$2.75$2.35$2.25
    215215 Drill Bit$2.75$2.35$2.25
    217217 Drill Bit$2.75$2.35$2.25
    25L-Kit25L - Complete Shop Windshield Kit with the MVPHD$849.00$749.00$749.00
    480Syringe with Needle$5.50$4.50$3.95
    552Set of 2" x 2" Film Tabs (10)$7.50$5.00$5.00
    AtillasAtillas all Purpose Cleaner Aerosol$15.95$12.95$11.95
    B-IStainless Steel Bridge-Injection-Suction Cup$155.00$135.00$125.00
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