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    04113Skife Blade Dispenser$15.50$13.95$12.95
    07447-8Box of 20 Scotch-Brite Pads$32.10$28.50$26.75
    10001Paint Touch-Up Applicator Bottle$2.50$2.25$2.15
    11193S Curved Leather Sewing Needle$5.95$4.50$4.25
    12088 oz spool of Sinew sewing thread$25.50$22.75$20.95
    12214 oz spool of Waxed Sewing Thread$19.95$16.95$15.95
    1250Roller for Sport Cloth Fiber$34.95$31.95$29.95
    14-1000Infratech Portable Infrared Systems 14-1000$195.00$175.00$175.00
    151142 1/2 inch Curved Round Point Sewing Needle - 20 Gauge$2.35$2.05$1.95
    151163 inch Curved Round Point Sewing Needle - 19 Gauge$2.45$2.15$2.05
    151204 inch Curved Round Point Sewing Needle - 18 Gauge$2.55$2.25$2.15
    151342.5 inch Curved Round Point Needle - 18 Gauge$2.35$2.05$1.95
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