Windshield Repair

The high cost of windshields coupled with the advanced technology in glass repair has made windshield repair a popular and economical option. A glass repair offers a host of advantages over the expense associated with windshield replacement.

What Damage Can Be Repaired?

This system will enable you to repair rock chips, stars, bullseyes, moon-shaped and combination breaks. This system will aid you in repairing big-sized cracks, partial bullseye, bullseye-star, break-combination, and break-flower damage.

The windshield repair industry grosses over one billion dollars annually! As glass replacement prices rise and inflation continues, more and more fleets and individuals are turning to glass repair rather than replacement. The business potential in windshield repair is virtually unlimited. Typical clients of glass repair are fleets, insurance companies, car lots, car rental companies and virtually any industry owning automotive or plate glass.

The profits in windshield repair are very high. The average repair retails for $45.00. The cost to the technician for the repair is about 50 cents. Windshield repair has a very high-profit margin.

Why Should You Repair a Windshield Instead of Replacing it?

  • Economical – The cost of repair is about $45 – $75.00 compared to $300 for replacement.
  • Convenient – Mobile service comes to your home, work or wherever you wish.
  • Fast – Rarely takes over 45 minutes.
  • Smart – Stops cracking from spreading.
  • Responsible – Unnecessary windshield replacement is wasteful.
  • Wise – Savings help keep insurance premiums affordable.
  • Guaranteed – Fully warranted.
  • Trouble-Free – Preserves the factory seal, eliminating air and water leaks.

What Damage Can We Repair

We repair rock chips, stars, bullseyes, moon-shaped and combination breaks up to the size of a 50 cent piece. It also cracks up to a foot long. Repairing cracks any longer might compromise the strength of the windshield.

Windshield Repair Kits