Complete Supply Package

A shipping quote will be provided by calling Superior after placing order due to this kit’s 170 lbs of weight.¬† The shipping cost when checking out is not correct. There are many boxes so we ups cannot quote like normal. Usually, with 5-7 boxes up charges are around 200.00.

Superior’s Success Program – Where Service & Knowledge Makes the Difference

Training included

Congratulations, you have found the money-making program you have been looking for. Superior can help you join this ever-growing industry of highly motivated and successful professionals who generate income of $50.00 to $500.00 per hour!  After analyzing the Auto Restoration Industry we have come to realize the unlimited earning potentials we can offer our clients.  Considering there are more than 200 million vehicles on the road today that need some kind of restoration, the market is there for the taking. Our clients can generate their own annual revenues just by how much they work.  The potential is unlimited!

Who is Superior

We are a manufacturer and supplier of restoration products worldwide. Our Warehouses are located on the East and West Coasts to service your needs. With over a quarter of a century worth of experience Superior has taken its knowledge and developed the most innovated and technologically advanced product line in the industry. We continue to revolutionize the reconditioning market by constantly updating and developing our product lines that will keep both of us on the leading edge of our industry.  We will show you how easy it is to achieve your ultimate goal of being successful in our industry.


We offer an exclusive opportunity to start your Own Business.¬†¬†Superior is not a franchise.¬† We will train and supply you with everything you need to become a money-making restoration expert.¬† Your costs will only be between $500.00 and $5000.00 for your supply package depending on which type of business you are interested in.¬† There are no training fees.¬† There are no other hidden expenses or requirements.¬† We believe in the “overall picture” and after working together we are confident that we will have a very successful business relationship.


No matter what, if any background you have in the restoration business, Superior will train and educate you to become a complete confident repair technician.  No experience is needed.    We offer many training packages depending on your needs.  Your hands-on training will be structured for you The intense one on one training with your instructor will give you the confidence needed to start your business venture.  You will decide which of our training locations is best suited for you.  Your complete package will include all the supplies, top of the line tools and equipment for restoring vinyl, leather, velour, dash, plastic, carpet and headlights.


Superiors’ efforts do not stop with training.¬†¬†We will show you how to market your business, develop a pricing structure, advertise and expand for the future.¬† These are just some of the profitable markets to choose from: Automobile dealerships, auto rental companies, RV dealerships, airports, bus companies, school districts, limousine services, marinas, motels, funeral homes, restaurants, and property management companies.¬† We will explain to you how to set up your accounts.¬† After you completed your education and training you will have the knowledge and confidence it takes to become prosperous in the Automotive Restoration Business.


Superiors’ educated and trained clients around the world are very successful due to our working relationship with each other.¬†¬†You will never be left alone.¬† Your success is our success.¬†¬† Our unequaled technical support line can be called toll free for any questions you may have about repairs, marketing or other assistance you may require.¬† We help our clients update their professional skills by having annual regional training seminars across the country.¬† These shows will enable our clients to stay ahead of the competition by learning about new techniques and products.

Research & Development

At Superior Restoration Products, our success is based upon a full-time Research and Development department.¬† Our R&D is constantly testing, updating and improving our products, equipment, chemicals, and training techniques.¬† This will enable our clients to outlast their competition.¬†¬† All Superior Products are field-tested for excellence. ¬† We are committed to ongoing research and development to keep our client’s futures bright and successful through the next millennium.

Superior Restoration Products after analyzing the Automotive Restoration Industry has come to realize the unlimited earning potentials. Considering there are more than 200 million vehicles on the road today that need some kind of restoration, the market is there for the taking. Our clients can make their own annual revenues. The sky is the limit. Below we have some earning potentials based on our client’s success.

Earning Potentials


Repair Kit Low High Cost Profit Per Job
Vinyl Interior Seat $40.00 $65.00 $3.00 $37.00-$62.00
Leather Interior Seat $60.00 $85.00 $5.00 $55.00-$80.00
Velour Interior Seat $35.00 $50.00 $3.00 $32.00-$47.00
Velour Blind Stitch $35.00 $55.00 $1.00 $34.00-$54.00
Interior Door Panel $50.00 $70.00 $5.00 $45.00-$65.00
Dash $60.00 $95.00 $5.00 $55.00-$90.00
Vinyl Top $40.00 $75.00 $5.00 $35.00-$70.00
Bumper $70.00 $95.00 $10.00 $60.00-$85.00
Windshield $25.00 $60.00 $3.00 $22.00-$57.00
Deodorizing $50.00 $85.00 $5.00 $45.00-$80.00

Dyeing & Painting

Repair Kit Low High Cost Profit Per Job
Carpet $40.00 $85.00 $5.00 $35.00-$80.00
Dash $35.00 $85.00 $5.00 $30.00-$80.00
Bumper $70.00 $120.00 $20.00 $50.00-$100.00
Vinyl Top $105.00 $175.00 $15.00 $90.00-$160.00
Leather Seat $50.00 $95.00 $15.00 $35.00-$80.00
Vinyl Seat $35.00 $50.00 $10.00 $25.00-$40.00
Exterior Paint Touch-up $35.00 $65.00 $3.00 $32.00-$62.00

One Week Training Course

When you have ordered your COMPLETE SUPPLY PACKAGE and set up your training dates, we will then send out your order and ask you to please watch the training videos before arriving for training. After watching the videos you will have some knowledge and understanding of the techniques we will be showing. It is not a requirement to watch the videos before training but it will help you and will be able to show you more advanced techniques and more repair methods.

Color matching training is done on all repairs

Training is from:

  • Monday – Friday
    9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (1-hour lunch break )
    Sacramento Warehouse
  • Tuesday – Friday
    8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (lunch with rick)
    South Carolina (car lots & shop) Rick Lockwood

Lunchtime is your decision

Training Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Water Base Color Matching Kit

  • WB Pigments (17)¬† – 4 oz
  • NEW Color Swatches (135)
  • Water Base Auto Matched Colors – 8 oz (125)
  • Water Base Flatner – 8 oz
  • Water Base Flex Agent – 8 oz
  • Water Base Slip Additive – 8 oz
  • Clear Water¬†Base – 16 oz (2)
  • Water Base Crosslinker – 8 oz
  • NEW Water Base¬† High Metallic Trim Paints (3)
  • Color Wheel
  • Formula Mixing Manual
  • Color Chart Auto Matched
  • Color Matching DVD
  • Color Wheel

Glues & Adhesives

  • Flex Bond – 1 oz
  • Bond CA – 1 oz
  • Flex Gel Clear – 1oz
  • Bond Kicker – 2 oz
  • Power Gel – Tube
  • Bond Release – 1 oz
  • Flex Gel Black¬†– 1 oz

Velour Repair

  • Base Adhesive – 2 oz (2)
  • Aerosol Velour Topcoat
  • Aerosol Spray Adhesive
  • Velour Color Chart
  • Aerosol Velour Topcoat
  • Velour Flock – 2 oz (90)
  • Sport Cloth Fibers – 2 oz (16)
  • Sport Cloth Adhesive – 6 oz
  • Training DVD

Vinyl Repair

  • Vinyl Repair Compound – 2oz
  • (thick & medium)
  • Final Weld – 2 oz
  • Vinyl Mesh
  • Vinyl Flex Gel
  • Vinyl Subpatch
  • Training¬†DVD

Dash Repair

  • Micro Balloon – 4 oz
  • Padded Dash Filler
  • Dash Putty Powder
  • Liquid Vinyl
  • Quick Fix Tube
  • Training DVD

Leather Repair

  • Leather Adhesive – 2 oz
  • Leather Fill – 2 oz
  • Leather Repair Compound – 2 oz
  • Leather Crack Filler 2 – 2 oz
  • Leather Cream Fill – 2 oz
  • Deep Leather Fill – 2 oz
  • Leather Primer – 2 oz
  • Leather Soft Fill – 2 oz
  • High Density Compound – 2 oz
  • Training DVD
Tools & Equipment

  • Palette Knife (4)
  • W/D Sandpaper
  • Box of Razor Blades
  • Plastic Bottles –¬†4 oz (12)
  • Plastic Bottles w/sprayer (3)
  • Plastic Bottles – 2 oz (velour)(5)
  • Heatgun Kit
  • Digital¬†Scale
  • Preval Sprayer (6)
  • Badger Air Brush
  • UT-100SIK Torch
  • Mini-Iron w/adapter
  • Chill Bar
  • Teflon Mat
  • Butane
  • Tweezers
  • K-4 K-3¬†Sewing Needles
  • Nylon Sewing¬†Thread
  • Velour Atomizer
  • Velour Flockette w/bulb
  • Coloring Pencils (48)
  • Velour Carrying Case
  • Prolour Velour Electrostatic Applicator
  • Medium Spreader
  • Preval Buttons/Stems
  • Break off Knife
  • Scotch Cleaning Pad
  • Gloves – Mixing Cups – Stir Sticks
  • NEW Airless Plastic Welder

Textures & Graining

  • Water Base Spray Grain – 4 oz
  • Water Base Spray Texture – 4 oz
  • Leather Clone – 4 oz
  • Set of Graining Papers
  • Set of Graining Pads
  • Aerosol Water Base Spray Grain
  • Graining Gun Kit
  • Aerosol Superior Texture
  • Flex-Tex – 4 oz
  • Aerosol SEM Clear Chip Guard
  • Clone Activator –¬†4 oz
  • Miracle Dash Texture A & B – 4oz
  • Texturing DVD

Preps/Cleaners/Adhesion Promoters

  • Silicone Wash – 16 oz
  • Barrier Coat – 4 oz
  • Vinyl & Plastic Prep – 16 oz
  • Sand Away –¬†8 oz
  • Vinyl & Leather Cleaner – 16 oz
  • Water Base Plastic Primer – 8 oz
  • Water Base Hi Tac Primer – 8 oz
  • Velour Carpet Spot Remover – 8 oz
  • Red Relief A & B –¬†8 oz
  • Coffee Stain Remover¬†A & B – 8 oz
  • Miracle Cleaner – 8 oz
  • Leather Prep – 16 oz
  • Seat Belt Cleaner – 8 oz

Jobber Price: $3595.00 (no training)