Color Coat Dyes

Our Water Base and Solvent Base Color Coat kits can dye leather, velour, carpet, vinyl or plastic. They allow you to change the color quickly and easily. You can also dye only the discolored or old-looking parts to make it all look uniform. A permanent coat will be flexible and resistant to discoloration.

Color charts and color decks also are available to make it easier for you to get the perfect color by mixing by a formula. Look under our product listing for Coloring Products and Kits.

Water Base Color Coat

A waterborne product offering excellent flexibility, outstanding adhesion, fast drying, and a softer finish than the Solvent Base Color Coat.

Solvent Base Color Coat

An elastomeric coating formulated to match, restore or change color. This is a fade-resistant, flexible and permanent coating.

Bumper Color Coat

Restores faded and peeling exterior trim parts and bumpers. With proper preparation, it offers maximum adhesion even on stainless steel and chrome. Currently available in OEM colors to match most contrasting domestic and foreign bumpers.

Sales Aids and Color Card

Color cards are supporting materials for our product lines. Color decks and formulas allow you to easily obtain the right color, both interior, and exterior.