Leather Repair Kit

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Leather Fill 2 oz Pallette Knife Tri-Clean Leather Cleaner 2 oz
Deep Leather Fill 2 oz Sand Paper 400/320/220/100 Scotch Pad
Leather Adhesive 2 oz Leather Cream Fill 2 oz Water Base Spray Texture 2 oz


  • Step 1 - Prepping the leather:
    Spray the area with Tri-Clean Leather Cleaner. Scrub briskly with a nylon brush. Wipe clean with a lint free rag or thick (bounty suggested) paper towel. Repeat on deeply soiled leather as the first application removes only surface dirt and the second cleans the dirt from the leather grain and pores.

    For Cracked areas: On leather what often appears to be cracked leather is simply a stressed finish. Wet sand cracked finishes with Tri-Clean and 220 grit sand paper while taking the finish down to bare leather. On extremely heavy damage 100 grit may be necessary. Wipe clean with Tri-Clean using a lint free rag or paper towel. Let exposed area dry.
  • Step 2 - Repairing light to moderate surface damage:
    • Leather Adhesive should be wiped into any exposed leather fibers such as in frayed areas, slices part way through or where there may be a series of digs in the leather that can be brushed back and laid back down. Do not leave Leather Adhesive on the surface to the original finish. Allow to air dry.
    • Deep Leather Fill is used for the damaged area. Spread in thin a layer to level out the damaged area. Using you pallette knife spread as smooth as possible and let air dry. A hair dryer can be used to speed up the drying time. Repeat until you have leveled out the damaged area. If you have filled to much or do not have the area level, use 220-400 sandpaper as needed to level the area.
    • Leather Fill is used to fill any minor imperfections left after using the Deep Leather Fill. Using a Bounty paper towel (lint free) wipe back and forth very quickly over the Deep Leather Fill (like sanding). The Leather Fill will dry very quickly so do small areas at a time. Repeat if necessary.
    • For a smooth skin finish over the repair area, wipe Leather Cream Fill with a paper towel quickly and let dry. This product will provide a final base from which to texture and color.
  • Step 3 - Graining Methods:

    For heavy grains Leather Fill or Leather Cream Fill can be wiped on and dabbed with your scotch pad. Let dry and lightly sand with 400-320 sandpaper to achieve desired grain.

    For light graining or to blend over a previous grain, spray a mist coat of Water Base Spray Grain from about 12" away. Spraying at a close distance will allow a heavier texture. Sand lightly with 400 grit sandpaper when dry if needed.
  • Step 4 - Recolor using the color you have chosen and purchased from our color charts.

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Leather Repair Kit

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