Black as Black
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Black as Black will put a new black coat of dye over the original plastic – vinyl or leather. It is an actual coat of dye that will last for a long period of time. This is not just a cleaner that brings back the shine it will apply a new coat of black dye.


Clean are with lint free towel or cloth.  Wipe on BAB with even  strokes using another lint free towel, sponge or cloth.  Let Dry. Use 2 coats if needed.

BAB restores the black color and shine like the original finish and gets rid of the faded area. Helps the surface from getting old and faded while helping protect from UV rays. Does not contain any wax or greasy chemicals and is a water based product.

If you are looking to clean first or just bring back the faded out plastic use our NEW PlastiCleanShine      PSC-8



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Weight 32 oz


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