SEM 16015 – Black Sure-Coat Mixing System – 1/2 Gallon (64 oz)
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SEM Sure-Coat Mixing System Color: Black
SEM Sure-Coat Mixing System Size: 1/2 Gallon | 64 oz

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SEM Sure-Coat Mixing System

When you need superior options and adhesion for renewing most plastic, leather, and vinyl products choose Sure-Coat by SEM. Sold in eleven distinct colors and with 3 distinct grades of clear coat, Sure-Coat can match thousands of OEM colors applying standard formulas. Buy half-gallon or pint containers for SEM Sure-Coat in Black (SKU# 16015) and in every clear coat choice.

Advantages for the Consumer from Sure-Coat in Black

Sure-Coat is OEM recommended for the best results when you need to revitalize vinyl, plastic, and leather. SEM only utilizes superior resins for better durability and adhesion. Sure-Coat does not stiffen over time, allowing you to escape cracks. It also holds adhesion well, so that it does not soften or wear away from the foundation material. Since Sure-Coat is flexible, it also preserves the original texture of the material underneath.

Many customers are worried about the smells that result from renewing interior auto parts. Assure your consumers that Sure-Coat is VOC compliant. If you add Sure-Coat Cross Linker, you also strengthen the Sure-Coat finish to hold up to common cleaners.

Benefits for the Applicator

Sure-Coat can be applied by spray or by brush. It dries immediately, providing quick outcomes. Prepped to spray, Sure-Coat requires no thinning, however, SEM Sure-Coat Reducer is offered to give the applicator more versatility. For more information about SEM Sure-Coat, contact Superior Restoration.

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Weight 64 oz

SEM Sure-Coat Mixing System Color


SEM Sure-Coat Mixing System Size

1/2 Gallon | 64 oz


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