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This is a two-part product that, combined with terry cloth and steam iron, will remove pesky food, koolaid, rust, iodine and mold stains.

1) Combine equal parts of A & B Solution when using.

 2) Spray on dry stain & agitate into the stain using a nylon brush.

 3) Groom area being treated so fibers stand up & are not matted.

4) Place a damp lightweight terry cloth towel over treated area.

5) Place a steam iron ( on lowest steam setting) on the towel. Generally steam for a period of 2 to5 minutes.

6) Remove iron & towel. The stain will appear yellow. Thoroughly rinse & dry spot using hot water to remove the stain. This should be done immediately following heat application.

TIPS –  A) Use iron that has many steam vents covering the ironing surface. B) Incomplete stain removal is usually the result of insufficient heating time. C) Effective on food & drink stains, rust, iodine, mold and etc. D) Red Relief will continue to work on stains which have penetrated dye sites even after you have rinsed the carpet clean. Because of this, you will find that if the slighest tinge of red remains following treatment, it will normally disappear overnight. E) If necessary repeat the process.

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