Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant for Schools

Bioesque Solutions to Keep Our Kids Safe

Future generations of Americans need to be safe – safe from diseases, illnesses, and contaminants. They need secure places to gain knowledge and experience. We rely on schools to teach and train our kids, so it’s vital that schools are safe from things like COVID, flu, bacteria, and mold. But with so many harsh cleaners on the market today, it’s difficult to know what kind is best for the safety of our children. Thankfully, Superior Restoration Products offers Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant as a dependable, versatile disinfectant solution for all schools.

Bioesque botanical disinfectant is often applied using a spray bottle, but it can also be used as an active ingredient for fogging rooms and hallways. When students leave for summer and just before they come back, use foggers to cover all surfaces in places like bathrooms, classrooms, corridors, or entryways. Once the school year begins, place Bioesque in a spray bottle or other dispenser to eliminate germs or viruses from frequently touched areas, such as doorknobs, countertops, desks, and shelves.

Bioesque disinfectant does not require another component like bleach to do its work. It features the following success rates against common vectors of disease:

  • 99% of most allergens upon contact
  • 99% of bacteria (including those that can cause food poisoning) in 2 minutes
  • 99% of fungi and molds in 3 minutes
  • 99% of viruses in 4 minutes, including COVID, flu, and norovirus

Even though Bioesque disinfectant is effective, it’s still safe for kids and adults. It does not require personal Protective equipment (PPE) for application. It allows a school janitorial team to disinfect, sanitize, clean, and deodorize any part of a school using a single product. Bioesque botanical disinfectant requires no rinsing or wipe-up, even on food contact surfaces!

Superior Restoration Products offers Bioesque in multiple sizes, from a 1-gallon or 5 gallon container for daily maintenance, to a 55-gallon drum to make sure the entire school campus is clean and disinfected for students and teachers alike. Let the parents of your students rest assured, knowing their children are safe and secure from viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants when attending school. See our website or contact our service team to help get your school facility clean and safe with Bioesque botanical disinfectant.