16 oz Heavy Duty Leather and Vinyl Repair Compound

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DESCRIPTION: A heavy duty heat cure repair compound for leather and vinyl. USED FOR HOLES AND LARGE CRACKS AND TEARS THAT ARE ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE MATERIAL. Use where strength and durability are needed. Do not use for numerous small cracks all over the leather. Use sandaway – deep leather fill – leather cream fill method – call for emailed directions. FEATURES: Excellent adhesion, flexibility and durability and is sandable. Thick viscosity compound will not shrink. APPLICATION: Spread a medium coat of repair compound. Use heat gun or iron to cure. Will cure at low, medium or high heat. Sanding can be done immediately after curing (400#). Use regular vinyl, leather or final weld for graining over the top. Spread a thin layer of your choice (then heat compound) and use a graining pad or paper to put in the grain. TIP: After applying compound you can use a drop of T-12 compound thinner to smooth out lines and edges. Also add to product to keep from hardening in the jar over a period of time, 60 day warranty.

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