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Made per customers request!
         Hey John I’m working with two dealers over here in LA, showed them the door jamb SPV.  They loved them except – both dealers felt that they were too wide. What I noticed right away on the 6″ ones you sent me – because they are perfect rectangles with relief corners when you install them over the part where the door jamb begins to curve, which they all do, then it actually makes it look like it is warped at the edge. So what wonder if you could mitigate this problem by making the end a semicircle. Because it’s a curve, it has a more natural look like it’s supposed to be on there, instead of like something that was added.
 If you could make them 4 1/8 in wide and 23″ long that seems to be the magic number to fit any truck.  OK great I received the customs ones you made for me! I showed these to the manager and he immediately said “do all of them”.
Thanks John for always helping
Interiorworks Reconditioning

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