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  • BOND/CA (PT-08)
    The thinnest viscosity of all the adhesives.  Use this instant curing adhesive for tacking operations on plastic and vinyl.  It is not recommended for cloth or leather since the thinner adhesive will absorb into the material and will result in a noticeable hard area.
  •  FLEX/BOND (PT-32)
    This gap filling medium viscosity adhesive is a more flexible, retains texture and bonds more porous surfaces.  Most used of all the adhesives, can bond cloth seams together by applying a small amount to both surfaces (in small increments), gather together and hod with lock tweezers, then use accelerator.  Create texture on plastic and vinyl by dabbing Flex-Bond with a piece of foam, accelerating, then scuffing with 320-400 grit sandpaper.  Don not use on large areas as cracking will occur on flexible substrates.  Flex-Bond cures slower which allows repositioning of mating surfaces.
  •  BOND-A-GAP (PT-02)This is a “non surface sensitive” medium viscosity adhesive, which means it will bond to surfaces other adhesives will not. It allows you to bond vinyl, leather and plastics even when the surface is contaminated with oils, silicones and mold release agents.   The adhesive allows you time to position your components before it cures.  Try using on vinyl welting to bond back in place.
    This is a high viscosity adhesive with maximum gap filling qualities.  Same as FLex Bond but with more flexibility and thickness.
    The thickest of all the adhesives.  Use where maximum filling is required or where and instant heavy texture is needed. Create texture on plastic and vinyl by dabbing Power Gel with a piece of foam, accelerating, then scuffing with 320-400 grit sandpaper.   Power Gel is so strong that it can fix rips in vinyl in areas where flexibility is not critical
    Used to accelerate drying time of all our  adhesives.  Apply with a brush, sprayer or dropper.  Apply the kicker first to vertical surfaces to help stop run off. When using Power Gel apply to both top and bottom to ensure curing all the way through.
    Removes cured adhesives from skin and other surfaces.  Apply and let soak into adhesive before wiping with a clean rag.


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