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A penetrating water-bourne dye

This Kit includes:

  • Tint Colors (Quarts)
    • AN101: White
    • AN110: Black
    • AN120: Blue
    • AN130: Red
    • AN131: True Red
    • AN138: Red Oxide
    • AN150: Light Yellow
    • AN160: Yellow Oxide
    • AN175: Green
    • AN180: Orange
  • Water Base Slip – 8 oz
  • Crosslinker – 8 oz
  • Z7 Cleaner – 32 oz
  • Clear Coat – 32 oz

Note: Pre-matched furniture colors also available


  1. Remove stains and clean as much as possible using Sand Away.
  2. Mix the Color as needed.
  3. Spray or wipe on a light coat of Color, let dry, check the feel of the Leather.
  4. Add Water Base Slip Additive to the dye to improve the feel.
  5. Spray or wipe on light coats as needed, let dry between coats.
  6. Add 2% Crosslinker to the final coat for improve water and abrasion resistance.
  7. For added gloss shine, add 2% Crosslinker to Clear Aniline Dye and spray or wipe on a light topcoat.

Note: Color may darken with additional coats

Additional information

Weight 640 oz


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