Dry Fog Deodorizing System

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A simple system that takes only minutes to learn will have you making money the first day! Eliminate the most common odors in cars today while you service your lots. With our system you will be able to get rid of the Smoke, Pet and Mildew odors and leave the cars with a fresh fragrance for your dealers. We make this system to kill these odors at their source simply and quickly.

Deoderizing Steps:

  1. Determine the odor. Choose the appropriate chemical for the odor
  2. Choose the fragrance desired.
  3. Dry fog the interior.

Kit Includes

  • KN95 Set of Masks
  • Goggles
  • Plastic Quarts – 4 each
  • Mildew – Gallon
  • Thermo – Gallon
  • Quart Sprayers – 9 each
  • Thermal Fogger Machine
  • Nylon Brush
  • Pet – Gallon
  • Auto Fresh Cleaner Quart
  • Auto Fresh Deodorizer Quart
  • Space Spray – 2 Quarts
    (Cherry – Citrus)
  • Box of Nitrile Gloves
  • Injector
  • Smoke – Gallon
  • Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Aerosol
  • Carpet Spot Remover Quart
  • Fabric – Gallon
  • Miracle Cleaner Quart

Product Uses

  • Pet: Pet and Urine odors
  • Smoke: Cigarette and Cigar odors
  • Mildew: Water Damage odors
  • Space Spray: Cherry, Mint, Citrus fragrances
  • Leather Cleaner: Clean smoke damaged leather
  • Thermo 2000: Apply with thermo fogger
  • Fabric: Removes smell from cloth or velour
  • Miracle Cleaner & Carpet Spot Remover: Removes dirt and soil from carpet,¬†cloth or velour


  1. Determine the odor and choose one of the following
    • Pet: Mix one to one with water. Only mix when needed, as it lasts for about 48 hours after mixing. This is an enzyme-based product. It kills urine and pet smells at their source. Determine where the smell is coming from and inject directly into the damaged areas. You may also decide to wipe down the entire vehicle . . . Do not use Mildew over this product.
    • Smoke: Wipe down the head liner (very important because smoke rises) and brush into the seats and carpeting.
    • Mildew: Find sources if possible and inject directly into damaged areas. You may also choose to wipe down the entire vehicle.
    • Fabric: Apply to each vehicle that has fabric seats after one of the above is used.
    • Leather Cleaner: Wipe down smoke damage leather with this product and buff off.
  2. Choose fragrance desired
    • Space Spray: Cherry, Mint, Citrus and Cedar. Spray on floor around car to leave the fragrance you desire.
    • Leather Spray: Use for fragrance on leather interiors.
  3. Dry fog the inside of the vehicle
    • Thermo 2000: Turn on the vents while the car is running and using your thermo fogging machine (Thermo 2000 is put into your machine, which has warmed up for about five minutes) fill up the interior with smoke. After smoke has dissipated, you will be left with a clean smelling vehicle with the fragrance of your choice.

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