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Congratulations on your purchase of the new PROLOUR Velour Applicator. There are certain aspects of this device you will need to familiarize yourself with.

First, there are no user-serviceable components inside! The electronics and associated design cannot be repaired by service personnel in the electronic field. The associated circuitry was designed specifically and uniquely for the PROLOUR. Returns and repairs must be sought through SUPERIOR RESTORATION PRODUCTS INC.

Second, this device incorporates an electrostatic generator that produces an electrical charge to sufficiently propel the velour fibers for quality seat repairs. While the shock potential is minimal to the user, certain precautions should be taken, especially if you are untrained in the proper use of an electrostatic flocking device or have a history of heart or related health problems. Keep away from reach of children.

Third, the unit is destructible and care should be taken to ensure a long-life to the applicator. If all precautions and technical advertisements are observed, your PROLOUR will assist you in your profitable journey in the automotive aftermarket industry for years to come.

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