Leather Furniture Dye

Note: Colors are scanned  and cannot be guaranteed to match exactly colors shown on charts.


Color Name Color # Color
Sharon Blush F1  
Jennifer Brown F2  
Blown Glass White F3  
Saddle Tan F4  
Shamrock Green F5  
Larado Taupe F6  
Beechnut F7  
Oyster Bay F8  
Light Beige F9  
Mocha F10  
Brown F11  
Pale Yellow F12  
Ivory F13  
Dark Green F14  
Medium Dark Saddle F15  
Rust F16  
Biscuit Tan F17  
Raseberry F18  
Crocus Violet F19  
Turquoise F20  
Blue Black F21  
Dove F22  
Plum F23  
Light Rosewood F24  
Taupe F25  
Camel F26  
Graphite Brown F27  
Hazel F28  
Mustang Brown F29  
Dark Burgundy F30  
Cordovan F31  
Burnt Orange F32  
Pecan Brown F34  
Nutmeg F35  
Dk Blue Green F36  
Elmwood F37  
Taco Brown F38  
Very Light Rosewood F39  
Red Brown F40  
Dark Red F-BK72  
Oyster F2102  
Burgundy F2105  
Willow F2401  
Champagne F2474  
Midnight Blue F2483  
Onyx Black F2499  
Forest Green F4701  
Bordo Brown F4703  
Balsa Tan F5005  
Evergreen F5025  
Sand F5028  
Navy F5046  
Burgundy F5047  
Salmon F5080  
Azure Green F5082  
Plum F5116  
Teal F5119  
Brick F5122  
Orchid Violet F5522  
Wedgewood Blue F5601  
Brandy Brown F5859  
Black F5999  

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