Imperial Wheel Refinishing System

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Superior Restoration Products Inc has now available a unique system designed for repairing curb-damaged wheels. This technique will produce efficient and effective results for the mobile reconditioning jobber. Now these techniques have been packaged into the Imperial Wheel Refinishing System. The system comes as a complete kit with a user-friendly manual. Its design was formatted so that it fits every user, from the experienced reconditioning jobber to a novice in this field.

In the Imperial Wheel Refinishing System you will find:

  • Step-by-step instruction manual with Quick Overview guides and tips to get out and working fast
  • Tools and equipment needed for the Imperial Wheel Refinishing System*
  • Large stock of supplies for all repairs covered in the Imperial Wheel Refinishing System

The Imperial Wheel Refinishing System has proven to be a sustaining singular line of work in the refinishing field. This is a business opportunity. It has also been a much needed complementary line for current jobbers to stay competitive.

*Air compressor must be purchased separately. For recommendations, please call your distributor

Superior Restoration Products Inc is offering the Imperial Wheel Refinishing System, a completely new mobile rim repair service business. This easy to learn, quickly to repair, trouble-free method, will insure confidence for you and your customer.

  • Does not require wheel removal or jacking up the car
  • Repair curb damage dents and scrapes on beaded or flat rim wheels
  • All tools, products and procedures specifically created for different kinds of damaged rims are included in kit (Air compressor not included).

The copyrighted training manual and technical service line may be all the refinisher needs to get started. Re-supply costs are less than 3% of gross sales. One day training classes (if needed) are available

Mobile wheel refinishing will be the next large volume business, as was dent repair a few years ago. Be the first in your area to offer this service. Superior is offering this high demand product in limited areas as not to saturate the market.

Price discounts available only in domestic USA

Quantity Size Description
1   Wheel Kit Manual
1   Rolling Multi-Level Toolbox
1   Small Carrying Tool Box for Paint
1   50ft 3/8" Airhose
1   Airbrush Kit
1   Air Regulator
1   Multi - Function Sanding Power Tool
1   Electric Grinder
1   Teflon Thread Tape
1   Air Blow Nozzle Kit - Couplers & Connectors
1   Angle Air Die Grinder
1   Straight Air Die Grinder
1   Aluminum Fill Epoxy Stick
5   Roloc Flat Surface Disc(Brown)-Coarse 
5   Roloc Flat Surface Disc(Red)-Medium 
5   Roloc Flat Surface Disc(Blue)-Fine
5   Roloc Medium Density Pad (3/8" Thick)-Fine
5   60# Flapwheel
5   120# Flapwheel
5   Scotchbrite Very Fine Finishing Disc
2   Roloc 2" Holder Mandrel
1   Straight Threaded Mandrel
1 4 oz Paint Toner Black
1 4 oz Paint Toner Coarse Silver
1 4 oz Paint Toner Brilliant Silver
1 4 oz Paint Spun Aluminum
1 4 oz Paint Toner Fine/Brilliant Silver
1 4 oz Chrome Paint
1 4 oz Paint Toner Fine/Dirty Silver
1 4 oz Paint Toner Silver Dollar Coarse
1 4 oz Paint Toner Extra Fine Silver
1 4 oz Paint Toner Silver Dollar Fine
1 4 oz Paint Toner Prestige Silver
1 4 oz Paint Toner Red
1 4 oz Paint Toner Blue
1 4 oz Paint Toner Yellow Oxide
1 4 oz Paint Toner White
1 4 oz Paint Toner Hypersilver
1 4 oz Paint Toner Black Chrome
1 4 oz Paint Toner Super Silver
1 Aerosol Hi-Build Primer
1 4 oz Clearcoat
1 4 oz Hardener
1 4 oz Clearcoat Reducer
1 4 oz Base Reducer (Moderate Drying)
1 4 oz Base Reducer (Fast Drying)
1 4 oz Base Reducer (Slow Drying)
1 Aerosol More Shine Less Time For Tires
1 Aerosol Acrylic Clearcoat
1 Aerosol Sem Blenz-In Aerosol
1 Aerosol Super Cleaner
1 Aerosol Plastic Magic Adhesion Promoter
5   150  Dry Sandpaper
5   220  Dry Sandpaper
5   320  Dry Sandpaper
5   600 Wet or Dry Sandpaper
5   1000 Wet or Dry Sandpaper 
1   Box of Nitrile Gloves
1   Knee Pads Set
1   Paint Respirator
1   Wire Brush (set of 3)
1   Heat Gun
1   Box of Tack Cloths
1 30 oz Metal Glaze
1   Drift Punch Set   
1   Tube of Aluminum Polish
1   2" Premium Green Masking Tape
1   Box of Paper Towels
1   Bag of Mixing Stir Sticks
5   Putty Spreaders
1   Pair of Mechanic Gloves
1   Box of Dust Masks
1 14.5 oz Spot Putty

Imperial Wheel Refinishing System

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