• Vinyl Repair

    Damaged Vinyl? No problem! Our innovative products will repair all types of vinyl surfaces using air-dry or heat-cure compounds.

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    Vinyl Repair
  • Velour Repair

    Burn Holes? Stains? Don't replace - repair! Our customized line of products are used by professional technicians worldwide.

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    Velour Repair
  • Leather Repair

    Faded, Damaged or just worn out? No worries! Make the leather look like new with our exclusive line of products.

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    Leather Repair
  • Dash Repair

    Cracked or Peeling Dash? Not an Issue! Our specialized products can repair all types of plastics and vinyl you may encounter.

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    Dash Repair
  • Wheel Refinishing

    Scuff Marks or Curb Damage? Refinish it! This unique repair system comes with a user friendly manual and superior results.

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    Wheel Refinishing
  • Windshield Repair

    Cracked or Chipped? Easy fix! Our easy-to-use system for repairing all kinds of cracks to your glass brings added income and is cost effective.

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    Windshield Repair
  • Dry Fog Odor System

    Terrible Odors? No more! Fog out the odors while leaving a fresh fragrance of your choice.

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    Dry Fog Odor System
  • Bumper & Chip Repair

    Nicks or Scratches? Simply done - Easy money! Our water-based or solvent base systems are fast and easy with excellent results.

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    Bumper & Chip Repair
  • Headlight Repair

    Cloudly or Yellow Look? What to do? It's easy as 1-2-3! This headlight resurfacer kit takes the yellow out and shines the lens for a clean and shiny finish.

    Browse Headlight Repair
    Headlight Repair
  • Laminate Graphics

    Flaking Peeling or Missing? Make it dissapear Quick & Easy! Our specialized system replaces the graphics on Stereos, A/C Units, Steering Wheels and much more.

    Browse Laminate Graphics
    Laminate Graphics
  • Color Coat & Dyes

    Faded Cracking or Peeling? Simply Re-color or Refresh! Our mutiple lines of colors, along with pre-mixed automatched colors, makes your job simple.

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    Color Coat & Dyes
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    Vinyl Repair Vinyl Repair
  • 2
    Velour Repair Velour Repair
  • 3
    Leather Repair Leather Repair
  • 4
    Dash Repair Dash Repair
  • 5
    Wheel Refinishing Wheel Refinishing
  • 6
    Windshield Repair Windshield Repair
  • 7
    Dry Fog Odor System Dry Fog Odor System
  • 8
    Bumper & Chip Repair Bumper & Chip Repair
  • 9
    Headlight Repair Headlight Repair
  • 10
    Laminate Graphics Laminate Graphics
  • 11
    Color Coat & Dyes Color Coat & Dyes

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We manufacture and distribute a complete line of velour repairvinyl repairdash & plastic repairleather repaircarpet repair and recoloring products. Our products can be used in the automotive, aircraft, furniture and the marine restoration industry.