32 oz Complete Carpet Color Treatment Kit (14) Colors

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Superior’s Carpet Color Treatment is the most cost-effective and time-saving system for automotive carpet color enhancement. When marketed properly it gets you inside the door of every used car giving you the opportunity to sell more and make more money!

It’s gentle on your carpet, safe for the environment user-friendly and is the correct way to re-apply color to carpets. Best of all, it can be applied over and over again without damaging the carpet.

Superior’s Carpet Color Treatment contains a cleaning agent, color balancer, color brightener, coloring formula and stain guard. The coloring formula is tailored to enhance the color of a carpet by rejuvenating and restoring the fibers of the carpet.

Carpets are comprised of fibers, and each fiber has hundreds of individual dyecites. These dyecites are hollow cylinders that with normal wear and tear loosen some of their color. Each of Superior’s Carpet Color Treatment formulas are created with an acid-based powder dye. This is the same powder dye used by carpet mills around the world when creating the color that fills each dyecite.

This product is “Colorfast” for virtually all carpets installed by the original car manufacturer. With the first cleaning, there may be a slight removal of excess color where a dyecite has been overfilled. This excess is easily removed by wiping down the carpet with a clean rag after application.

Spray paint and coloring procedures made from liquid compounds produce pigments that only coat the outside of the dyecite. This is NOT the correct way to re-apply color to carpet because this process will eventually destroy the fiber causing it to crack and break off with repeated application.

Superior’s Carpet Color Treatment has been continuously tested and received extensive feedback from professionals in our industry. This has ensured that you will be able to apply this product with great success from the very start. With time you will become capable of restoring the worst coloring problems imaginable.

Colors available

Black (10) For dark gray, black, dark blue, burgundy & dark green carpets
Light Grey (11) For light gray, red & green carpets
Grey (12) For gray carpets; Excellent for coffee, cola and brown stains
Blue Grey (13) For blue gray and blue carpets
Silver Grey (14) For warm light gray with no blue tint
Blue (20) For blue carpets
Dark Blue (21) For deepening blue carpets
Red (30) For red carpets
Burgundy (31) For red, burgundy & maroon carpets.
Brown (40) For medium to dark brown carpets
Camel (41) For tan colored carpets.
Sand (42) For tan carpets with a light orange tint
Beige (44) For light tan, beige and light grey carpets

Vacuum/Removers/Color Treatment

Directions for soiled carpets

  1. Vacuum the carpet, if needed.
  2. Use stain removers for any stained areas.
  3. Spray on color treatment and wipe off any overspray.
  4. Brush color treatment into the carpet & upholstery.
  5. With a clean dry towel wipe off any debris and wetness on the carpet.
  6. Carpets will look and feel like new.

Brushing will clean out & open each carpet fiber allowing the color treatment to bond instantly. The color treatment takes 10 minutes to reach its full color. It is permanent and will not wash off. When the color treatment is activated with water it has a shelf life up to 90 days. Please take note that depending on the calcium in your water (can have a yellow tint) it may change slightly the color in 7-10 days but will not damage the product or any areas you have treated.

For clean carpets: Vacuum/Color Treatment

Make it look showroom new! Include the color treatment as part of the deal to upsell a package or close a sale. The cost average $6 per car and takes anywhere between 10-20 minutes- it’s well worth it! It delivers a new exclusive service that gives you a happy customer. It’s free advertising and the fastest money-making way to upsell a ticket.

Mixing Instructions: Per vehicle

  1. Pour 1 color packet into 32oz. bottle
  2. Fill the bottle with water
  3. Shake bottle thoroughly
  4. Use an appropriate spray tool

One packet of the color treatment will service the carpets and floor mats: On average (3-5 cars). You may also do door panels and faded cloth upholstery. The color treatment will not adhere to paint, plastic rubber, vinyl or leather. The color treatment is permanent and will not wash off or discolor shoes or clothes. Keep floor mats off for 12 hours and allow fresh air to circulate. On the average carpets, it will dry in 15-45 minutes (depending on the temperature).

Kit Includes

  • Color Packets: 14 Total
    • (2 each of every color – Black – Light Grey – Gray – Blue Gray)
    • (1 each Silver Grey – Blue – Brown – Camel – Sand – Beige
  • Instructions – Color Chart  – 13 Quart Plastic Bottles w/Trigger Sprayers
  • 1  Quart Carpet Spot Remover  – Quart Miracle Cleaner – 8 oz Red Relief and Coffee Stain Remover
  • 1 Gallon EmptyPlasticBottle (for water)- Nylon Brush

Additional information

Weight 320 oz


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