SEM Sure-Coat White 16545 & 16548

Gallon Regular SEM Sure Coat

SEM Sure-Coat White 16545 & 16548

Using SEM Sure-Coat White

Two tints are absolutely required for any mixing system to be complete for a professional surface restorer. You need black and you need white. Whatever other colors you add to get the perfect match, your work starts with these two. That’s why in addition to SEM Sure-Coat Black, you need to make sure you have a good supply of SEM Sure-Coat White (SEM 16545 and SEM 16548). Available in 16 oz, half-gallon and 1-gallon quantities with a convenient pour spout, Sure-Coat White provides long-lasting durability for all restorations with leather, vinyl and plastic.

Is It Safe to Restore with Water-Based?

Although Sure-Coat is a water-based system, that does not mean that surfaces restored with Sure-Coat cannot stand up to the typical cleaners and treatments used on the interiors and exteriors of vehicles and furnishings. By adding SEM Cross-Linker during the application process, Sure-Coat is guaranteed to resist the effects of cleansers that might alter the original color.

And never forget that SEM products always include excellent documentation on how to prep surfaces and apply products for the best durability. Study their Safety Sheets, Tech Data and, container labels, along with helpful website demonstration videos, for all the information you need to make your job a success.

For more information about the availability of Sure-Coat White from SEM for your job, contact Superior Restoration Products online or by calling 1-800-760-9130.