SEM Sure-Coat Black 16015 & 16018

Gallon Regular SEM Sure Coat

SEM Sure-Coat Black 16015 & 16018

Why Use SEM Sure-Coat Black?

Car restorers commonly mix paints to match exterior and interior colors that are either unavailable or prohibitively expensive from the original manufacturer. Besides the metal components of the typical car, there are also plastic, vinyl and leather parts that require refinishing or recoloring to match their original lustre. With the SEM Sure-Coat Mixing System, sold by Superior Restoration Products, you can match any color coat in any automobile, boat, plane, or household interior and exterior applied to non-metal parts.

Highlighting Sure-Coat Black

Sure-Coat Black (SEM 16015 and SEM 16018) is available in 16 oz, half-gallon and 1-gallon quantities with an easy pour spout. Black is the heart of any mixing scheme that needs to make a certain hue darker to match the OEM style. Sure-Coat Black has repeatedly stood up to demanding jobs and come through with outstanding results, making it an often requested product.

Although the Sure-Coat system is water-based, SEM also provides a procedure for making all coatings resistant to typical cleaning chemicals used on leather, vinyl and plastic. Add SEM Cross Linker to the treatment and your project will withstand the usual cleaning regimen that makes color fade in lesser products. As always with SEM products, specific instructions and video demonstrations make the process of using their coatings that much easier!

For more information on SEM Sure-Coat Black and its availability at Superior Restoration Products, contact us online or by calling 1-800-760-9130.