Thermo-Izer Cleans – Deodorizer – Disinfectant – gallon

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Directions: Shake before applying.

Deodorizing & Disinfecting: Always test first for color fastness and material compatibility in an inconspicuous are prior to use.

Using Thermo-Fogger for Sprayer: Apply with an even coat of Thiz to insure even coverage. Allow to dry for 10 minutes.

Using Thermo-Fogger for Fogging:   Put Thiz into your machine which has warmed for about five minutes. Turn on the vents while the car is running and using your thermo fogging machine fill up the interior with the dry fog. Close doors & windows.  Open when fog is gone, approximately 15/30 minutes.

Cleaning. (only for light soiling): Apply a wet spray of Thiz and use a cloth or brush to rub in product. Wipe clean with lint free moist towel.  For Heavy Cleaning: Remove any excess heavy soiling first with Z7 Cleaner. Then apply Thiz for light cleaning.


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