Volume 21 - Number 1

Moving Forward in 2015

Superior would like our clients input or any advice on how we can improve to help with your needs. We take a lot of pride and satisfaction in helping our clients. That is one of our most important goals. Superior is in the service business, as well as the supply business.

Please feel free to call our toll free tech line (800 760-9130) where I'll personally will take care of your questions and or problems. You call also email - john@superiorrestoration.com. Our tech team and I have been constantly improving our techniques and products for the last 25 years in an attempt to insure our clients get the optima results. We envision this will allow you to stay ahead of the competition. We will always try to give our professional and experienced advice to all your questions.

New Products

Restorator Machines now in stock.
Dual power Odor Neutralizer - Easy , Fast and simple!!

The Superior Alternative to Ozone Machines!
The Original Restorator: 110 or 12 volt
List Price: $315.00
Wholesale Price: $255.00
March Special $215.00

New Duo Restorator: Battery Operated
List Price: $415.00
Wholesale Price: $325.00
March Special $285.00

Paint Applicators
A handy tool to apply paint touch-up.

Mixing Scale Cups
An easy way to measure your paint mixtures.

New SEM Bumper Repair Epoxy
A 2 part self mixing cartridge for plastic, dash, armrest and bumper repair.

New Color Wheels

We had added 4 more colors to our system. We now have 8 types of Silvers, Chrome and Spun Aluminum.

Complete Wheel Kit: WFK-1
List: $1995.00
Wholesale: $1695.00
March Special $1495.00

Starter Wheel Kit: WFK-2
List: $1395.00
Wholesale: $1195.00
March Special $995.00

New PPG Envirobase Paint Chip Toner Kits now in stock.

We have added this line of waterbase eco-friendly paint which is compliant with all the states EPA laws. (73 toners per kit)

PPGTK-4 - 4 oz bottle kit
List Price: $1895.00
Wholesale: $1695.00
March Special $1495.00

PPGTK-8 - 8 oz bottle kit
List Price: $2895.00
Wholesale: $2595.00
March Special $2395.00

Individual PPG Toners are also available. N

EW Apollo Turbine HLVP Spray System
We have been testing this spray system and found it excellent for interior and exterior dyeing. You do not have to have use a compressor like most HVLP Spray Gun Systems just a 110 volt outlet is all you need. There is almost no overspray, more power and has a non-bleed and bleeding spray capabilities. It will also come with a 3 oz - 8 oz and 250 cc cups. You can use a bottom or top inlet as your reservoir.
List Price: $1295.00
Wholesale Price: $1095.00
March Special $950.00

New Ink Remover (IR2)
I have tried so many ink removers over the years but I finally found one that works extremely well! I tested it on a cloth seat with a very bad ball point ink mark and I was quite impressed. (we can email the demo)

Air Bag Labels
We are looking into another way for our clients to have another money making opportunity. We have a few customers testing this market by installing or selling them to dealerships as a new car package along with "dealer must remove" carpet plastic. So far the Dealerships have loved the way it gives their used car a new car look at an inexpensive cost. This could be another way to impress your Dealerships, get some new accounts and increase your income!
ABL(airbag label)
Costs are by how many you purchase. Any where from $1.00 to $2.00 Sets of 250- 500 - 1000- 2500 -5000 - 10000

Logo Floor Mats
Here is another option for your Dealerships:
2 piece floor mats are $5.50 per set, 4 piece are $8.50 per set
Colors are black-beige- light grey heather - charcoal
1 color for logo is $1.75 per set 50 sets minimum 2 color $2.50 - 75 sets 3 color $3.25 - 100 sets
There is a one time charge of $30.00 per color for screen charge and a one time charge of $30.00 to set up logo

Welder Special - 5700HT
List Price: $289.95
Wholesale Price: $235.95
March Special $195.00

Precision Heat and Welding Kit
List Price: $209.95
Wholesale Price: $135.95
March Special $109.95