Color Picker Scanner Machine

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Color Picker

How to Use

  1. Turn right slide button to the right. Push small blue button to power on unit.
  2. Be sure the screen shows IDENTFY enter STARTING COLOR.
  3. Align the hole over the color to be measured.
  4. Press the Color Picker down (till you hear 2 beeps) to read the color.
  5. Three color numbers are shown. The first number is usually the closet match.
  6. Look up the number in the FORMULA BOOK.

Note: Take multiple color picker readings over the color area to determine the best color number.
The color number may vary on multiple readings due the coarsest of the grain (the way the light is affected by the shadows of the grain) and by color variations due to fading, dirt, dye lots, etc.

Formula Book

  1. Turn on scale (be sure scale is set to grams), place container on scale and reset to zero.
  2. Lookup the color number.
  3. Determine finished volume size.
  4. Pull out tinting pigment colors to be used in formula. In this formula (101) white, (130) red, (140) dk. brown, (160) yellow oxide.
  5. Follow the gram formula weights using tinting pigments.
  6. Determine clear base to be used, (2000) satin gloss, (2000M) matte no-gloss, or (2000H) hi-gloss.
    Add clear base. Mix well.

Note: Adding more clear base will slightly lighten the color. Adding less clear base will slightly darken the color. The formulas are only a guide to achieving a matched color. Adjusting the color by eye may be needed for certain colors.

Color Picker Scanner Machine

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